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+420 721 565 868
Company Formation Czech Republic



Accounting in the Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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The main aim of accounting outsourcing is to relieve a legal entity of activities that are not in its business field.
Our specialized accountants in the Czech Republic can provide you with complete services and assistance in a wide range of accounting areas. Our accountants can decide on the actual situation of your company by looking at the financial statements of all shareholders, investors, customers, employees etc.
Various changes have arisen from the European influence concerning obligations of the companies with regard to legislative provisions (new transparency regulations) and financial communication.
Our agents in the Czech Republic can guide you through, in order to find any accountancy irregularities in your company and avoid any risk of bankruptcy. 
Also, our services in the Czech Republic are based on some values that are essential if you want to benefit from transparent accounting and financial information. 
What we offer can also help with the access to the capital at an acceptable cost and ease the transfer of businesses. We also stand by cross-border trading and so we can help your company's competitiveness in the business environment of Europe.

Reasons for Considering Accounting Services

We can guarantee that our services of accounting and financial information are quality ones and characterized by accuracy of the bank accounts and accounting statements. The correctness and the review of your company's documents are essential for the activity of your business.

Our Contribution

Our accounting services in the Czech Republic are provided by our team of consultants and these include:
  • - partial or full outsourcing of the accounting department;
  • - organization, monitoring and conducting the accounting and legal documents;
  • - preparation of the income statement and notes, as well as the balance sheet;
  • - analytical management accounting;
  • - advice on general and strategic management (evaluation, management control, audit, review of provisional accounts);
  • - consolidation of small groups;
  • - correction and reviewing of every accounting document;
  • - implementation of external audits (statutory and contractual), resulting in putting a diagnose on the financial situation of your company;
  • - private and legal expertise with regard to the company's accounting, analysis of technical procedures, position of the company in terms of profitability, risk etc;
  • - checking the accounts of inheritance, provisional or custody management and then formatting it;
  • - drawing up a periodic layout of accounting journals, financial histories etc.
For complete information about the accounting services in the Czech Republic, you can contact us. This way, you can benefit from our representation and consultation, lifting up your competitiveness level on the Czech business market. Our specialists can also provide you with assistance if you want to open a company in the Czech Republic.


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Starting a company in the Czech Republic can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from CzechCompanyIncorporation.com is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area.

Mihai Cuc, Partner of
Enescu&Cuc; Law Firm

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