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Articles of Association of a Czech Company

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Articles-of-Association-of-a-Czech-Company.pngThe articles of association of a Czech company represent the main statutory documents, alongside with the memorandum. Each of these two main documents provides internal regulations related to the way in which the company must be managed, as well as on the duties and rights of the shareholders or the associates of a company. Those interested in opening a company in Czech Republic should carefully analyze the provisions of the articles of association prior to the registration of the company and our team of company formation specialists can provide assistance in this sense. 

Legal entities and articles of association in Czech Republic  

The articles of association for a Czech company are drafted in accordance with the legal entity under which the respective business will function. The statutory documents of a company will be drafted and signed in front of a public notary in Czech Republic.  
As a general rule, the document will provide information on the basic provisions related to the respective legal entity, the way in which the company is organized – with specific regulations related to the board of directors and general meetings (where applicable). Our team of company formation agents in Czech Republic can offer more details on how the board of directors is organized. 
Another important aspect is related to the share capital of the company – which is also set up in accordance with the business form. The articles of association prescribe the legal ways in which the capital can be increased or reduced. At the same time, the document must also include regulations referring to how the company will be liquidated. Furthermore, the act should also mention the persons who have the legal right to act on the behalf of the company.  

Limited liability company in Czech Republic 

Businessmen interested in company formation in Czech Republic must know that a limited liability company (LLC) has as main documents the founder’s deed and the memorandum of association, which are compulsory documents for this legal entity. However, these documents will also prescribe whether the business form will include the articles of association.

Joint stock company in Czech Republic 

In the case of a joint stock company, the articles of association are considered compulsory documents and those who are interested in company registration in Czech Republic under this business form will have to draw this document. 
Our team of company formation consultants in Czech Republic can provide more information on the company’s statutory documents

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