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Create a Joint Venture in Czech Republic

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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Create-a-Joint-Venture-in-Czech-Republic.jpgJoint ventures in Czech Republic can be set up by both local and foreign investors. The legislation established by the local authorities applies in the same manner for both kinds of investors, which refers to the types of joint ventures which can be established here, the taxation system and many other regulations. Our team of company incorporation representatives in Czech Republic can assist foreign businessmen with more details about creating a Czech joint venture, as well as on the main advantages the investors can have. 


Types of joint ventures available in Czech Republic 

A joint venture in Czech Republic is established by at least two parties who decide to form a business alliance in which those involved will pool their assets, in order to reach a common business goal. In Czech Republic, the investors can set up contractual or corporate joint ventures
A corporate joint venture is registered following the regulations applicable for commercial companies, as it is necessary to choose a legal entity to represent the newly formed entity. Thus, the investors can open a company in Czech Republic or, as a second option, they can purchase shares in an already incorporated (and active) business
At the same time, the investors may also sign a shareholders’ agreement, a document which will provide regulations on the rights and obligations of the parties entering a joint venture, who will become shareholders of the entity. 
Our team of company formation agents in Czech Republic can help investors choose a suitable legal entity that will represent their interests. 

Joint ventures in Czech Republic – legal entities  

Businessmen who are interested in Czech company formation may opt for one of the following legal entities when registering a joint venture
joint stock company;
unlimited partnership;
limited partnership;
European company. 
When choosing one of the above mentioned, the investors should take into account the main purpose for which the joint venture is incorporated, its economic prospects, the number of associates and many others. 
If you want to collaborate with a team of accountants in Czech Republic, we advise you to contact us. We can offer you payroll services, bookkeeping, preparation of annual financial statements, tax minimization methods, human resources management, and more. Also, expertise is provided by our certified accountants. We invite you to contact our experts for a free case evaluation and then discover the necessary accounting services for the company you own.
We invite foreign businessmen to contact our team of company incorporation consultants in Czech Republic for more information referring to the registration of a joint venture, including the tax requirements or the business licenses that may be required depending on the business activity of the company.  

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