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Establish an Online Shop in Czech Republic

Updated on Wednesday 20th December 2017

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Establish-an-Online-Shop-in-Czech-Republic.jpgThe online industry is increasing at a rapid pace in numerous European countries, including Czech Republic. In order to open a company in Czech Republic in the online environment, the investors will need to register a website, following the applicable regulations in this country. Czech websites are recognized by the top level domain assigned to this country, which is “.cz”. 
However, other top level domains are available, such as “.com” or “.org”, and they can be assigned depending on the business activities of the respective company. When opening an online shop, the company’s representatives will have to assign a payment platform, compatible with the system under which the respective website operates and our team of consultants in company formation in Czech Republic can advise on this matter. 

Register a Czech website

The registration of a Czech website is rather simple, as there are no restrictions for natural persons or legal entities. The registration requires the payment of a small fee (EUR 12), which is also applicable at the renewal of the domain name. The registration period can vary between 1 and 10 years, and the domain name of the Czech websites should have a maximum of 63 characters. Our team of agents may provide assistance on this subject. 

Requirements for Czech online shops

Even though the business activities of the shop will be carried out in the online environment, the procedure of company registration in Czech Republic has to be completed following the legislation for commercial companies. Since the online business will provide various goods and services to its customers, the website should provide an online payment platform, through which commercial transactions can be completed. 
In this sense, it is necessary to set up a merchant account. Through this tool, the company will be able to complete transactions performed through debit and credit cards, for both domestic and foreign operations. Depending on the activities of the Czech online shop, payment processing providers can offer multiple merchant accounts, including for risk activities, such as gambling or gaming. In this case, the shop will need a risk merchant account and investors are invited to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Czech Republic for in-depth details on the main requirements imposed in this case. 

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