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Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Our experts in the Czech Republic have often been asked different types of questions by foreign investors who intend on forming a company in the Czech Republic or who simply want to invest in a business sector. Thus, we have gathered some of the questions and answered them below.

1. Does the company I want to open have to be based in the Czech Republic?

In the case of creating a branch or a representative office for your existing company overseas, the basis will be in that country. However, if you decide to set up a company, such as a limited liability company, the legal entity requires a registered address in the Czech Republic.

2. What kind of companies can I establish in the Czech Republic?

Foreign investors have multiple choices when deciding to set up a company in the Czech Republic, namely:
- the limited liability company (which is the most frequently established type);
- the public limited company;
- the joint-stock company;
- the general partnership;
- the limited partnership;
- the branch office (which is a dependent type of business setup and can be created for a parent-company overseas).

3. What is the minimum share capital for a company in the Czech Republic?

The share capital in the Czech Republic depends on the company you want to establish. For the limited liability company, the minimum share capital must be 1$, for a public limited company 100,000$ and for a branch office there is no minimum capital share to be paid-up.

4. What are the most important documents needed for a company incorporation in the Czech Republic?

The main papers you need to submit are: the memorandum of association (if the company has already been registered with the Commercial Register), the application for registration and the notarized articles of association. Our consultants in company formation can easily help you with the drafting of documents and other procedures.

5. Which basic steps have to be completed for company registration in the Czech Republic?

The main steps of company registration are: reservation of the company’s name, depositing the required capital in a special bank account, registering with the Trade Licensing Office for a trade license, registering in the Business Registry and also for taxes with the Tax Office.

6. Will I need special licenses and permits in the Czech Republic?

Yes, depending on the business activity you want to pursue, your company will require special licenses or permits

7. How much will it take to register a company in this country?

In less than two weeks, a foreign investor should be able to register his/her company in the Czech Republic.
For more information on company formation, visas and laws in the Czech Republic, do not hesitate to ask our specialists in company incorporation for counsel as they can offer customized advice on all the procedures that need to be completed.

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