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Gambling Activities in the Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023

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Gambling-Activities-in-the-Czech-Republic.jpgInvestors carrying out business activities related to the gambling industry should receive assistance on the gambling legislation applicable in the Czech Republic, in the situation in which they want to establish their business presence here. According to the provisions of the law, gambling activities in the Czech Republic are allowed in the on-line environment, as well as in classical displays. Our team of Czech company formation specialists can provide an insight on the gambling activities in the Czech Republic, as well as on the main rules for opening an online casino in Czech Republic

Gambling Acts in the Czech Republic 

When opening a company in the Czech Republic in the field of gambling, investors should know that they are required to comply with an intricate set of requirements, as prescribed by the legislation in this sense. The gambling activities in Czech Republic are highly regulated, in accordance with the stipulations of the following laws: 
  • The Gaming Act;
  • The Gaming Tax Act;
  • The Amendment Act. 
All gambling companies in the Czech Republic, regardless of their specific activities are required to obtain business permits, which can only be issued by the Czech Ministry of Finance. In accordance with the characteristics of the company, the Ministry has created five types of business permits. The gross income deriving from gambling activities is taxed at a rate of 20%; our team of Czech company incorporation agents can provide more details on the taxation level. Plus, you can discuss about how to start an online casino in Czech Republic.

Characteristics of the gambling industry in the Czech Republic 

It is important to know that the gambling activity in the Czech Republic is rather developed, with a high number of casinos situated in the region of the capital city. Another type of gambling business carried out here is represented by slot machines establishments, which are also very popular. According to the legislation in the field, gambling companies with operations in the online environment are allowed to perform sports betting and lottery games and also develop online casino in Czech Republic, according to the recent modifications of the legislation. 
If you would like to discover the services offered by our accountants in Czech Republic, our suggestion is to get in touch with us, either by phone or online. We also provide you with other services besides the important ones such as payroll and bookkeeping. Assistance in registering for the payment of taxes comes under our attention, as well as risk assessment and evaluation or investment consultancy.

Types of gambling activities in Czech Republic

The gambling industry in the Czech Republic is quite developed and offers multiple possibilities. Foreign investors who want to open such businesses must comply with applicable law, and in this case, the Gambling Act. It allows lottery games, online casino in Czech Republic, bingo, technical games, totalizer games, tournaments, betting games, social gaming, among others. More in this case you can talk to our company formation agents in the Czech Republic.

License for gambling activities in the Czech Republic

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to develop their activities in the gambling sector in the Czech Republic must apply for a license first of all. The Ministry of Finance is the institution that offers such licenses, valid for 6 years, if all the necessary documents are submitted and if they pay the fee of CZK 5,000. It is important to mention that each gambling category requires a license, so if someone wants to implement more types of games, they must apply for more licenses. Here is some other useful information about gambling licensing in the Czech Republic, noting that our local agents can help you set up an online casino in Czech Republic:
  • • Gambling premises location license is required in addition to the basic license for this type of activity. The municipal authorities will offer this type of license.
  • • It is necessary to mention the opening hours for gambling premises, at the time of application for the necessary license.
  • • Applicants must provide company documents stating the names of their shareholders.
  • • The Czech authorities reserve the right to check the criminal record of the person applying for a gambling license.

Restrictions on gambling activities that a licensee must consider

Gambling licensees must consider the restrictions imposed in this industry:
  1. It is forbidden for minors to access gambling activities in the Czech Republic.
  2. All participants must have equal chances of winning.
  3. There will be no gambling activities that may influence public order and moral standards.
  4. Participants are given the chance to deposit their winnings into an account.
Therefore, licensing for gambling activities, including online casino in Czech Republic requires special attention to the rules imposed by the relevant authorities and legislation. More information in this direction can be found at Czech company formation agents.

How to open an online casino in Czech Republic?

It is important to mention from the beginning that online gambling has been legal in the Czech Republic since 2017, and a gambling monitoring system was implemented in mid-2020. In order to open an online casino in the Czech Republic, you need a basic license. Then, the licensee will have to understand and implement the terms and conditions dedicated to online casino players.
As for the platform on which casino games are implemented, this must offer protection to those who register, both in terms of personal data and secure online payments. Moreover, there is an obligation to register users before carrying out any online activity.
Registering an LLC in the Czech Republic is recommended for setting up an online business. This involves fairly simple formalities, including registration for taxes. We remind you that our Czech company formation team can provide you with the necessary support to register this structure and open an online casino in Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic, a safe business destination

The Czech Republic is a business destination appreciated by foreign investors in search of a stable economy, experienced workforce, and the possibility to set up various activities without difficulties. Czech legislation offers the same rights for local and foreign entrepreneurs, in other words, it is investor-friendly.
The ease with which a company can be set up in the Czech Republic is an important asset for international players who want to benefit from optimal business conditions and consistent profits. Here are some statistics that indicate the economic direction of the country:
  • • The Czech Republic is among the countries with the most foreign investment in Central Europe.
  • • Most FDIs comes from the Netherlands, followed by Luxembourg, Austria, and Germany.
  • • In 2020, the total FDI registered in the Czech Republic was about USD 189 billion.
  • • Financial and insurance services is the sector that absorbed the most foreign investment in 2020, around 33%.
Individuals who need further information on the gambling activities allowed in the Czech Republic can contact our team of Czech company formation representatives for assistance. 

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