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How to Purchase Shares in a Czech Company

Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023

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How-to-Purchase-Shares-in-a-Czech-Company.jpgThe process of purchasing shares in a Czech company refers to the transfer of ownership, a procedure which is available here for both local and foreign investors. Businessmen can purchase shares in Czech Republic, following a specific procedure, applicable under the local legislation. Our team of Czech company incorporation representatives can offer assistance to those who want to acquire shares in Czech Republic

Transfer of shares in a Czech company  

The selling process of the shares owned by a shareholder in a Czech company means a transfer of ownership, as well as a change in the statutory documents of the legal entity (by updating the shareholder’s situation). 
The parties involved in the transfer of shares have to sign a notarial deed in front of a public notary in Czech Republic. The document will contain the consent of the parties related to the purchase of shares
The documents signed between the parties will be further on submitted to the Commercial Register, whose representatives will approve the new structure of the company’s shares; our team of Czech company incorporation agents can offer more details on this matter. 
If you have business plans and need a team of accountants in Czech Republic, you can request a personalized offer from our firm. Our specialists can provide you with information about payroll, audits, debt monitoring, tax advice and compliance, bookkeeping, and annual financial statements. Depending on the plans you have for developing your portfolio in this country, you can also opt for investment consultancy and tax expertise.

Taxation on the transfer of shares in Czech Republic 

The transfer of shares (selling/buying) is imposed with a tax, which can differ in accordance with the tax residency of the selling company. In the case of the European Union’s sellers (including Czech Republic) and those registered in Iceland and Norway, the tax on gains does not apply. In the situation in which these sellers are purchasing shares in a Czech subsidiary, the gains on the selling of shares is exempt from taxation. 
However, it is important to know that the exemption no longer applies if the respective companies are not subjected to corporate income tax
The ownership on shares can also be transferred to other shareholders, associated in the same company. The Corporations Act states that the transfer of ownership interest can be performed with the approval of the general meeting. 
Businessmen interested in receiving further details on the purchase of shares in Czech company can address to our team of company formation consultants in Czech Republic

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