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Open a Company in the Construction Field in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Construction-Field-in-the-Czech-Republic.jpgInvestors can open a company in Czech Republic in numerous industries. One of the ways to start a business here refers to the construction field, which is regulated by a set of different rules. Thus, when opening a company in the construction field in Czech Republic, the businessmen will have to first study such regulations and then comply with the requirements established in this sense. Our team of company formation representatives in Czech Republic can assist investors in obtaining the designated business permits necessary for this business field. 


How to register a Czech company 

The process of company formation in Czech Republic for a construction business follows the applicable legislation available for any other types of business fields. It is compulsory to register the company under one of the legal entities available in this country and to notarize the company’s statutory documents at a public notary in Czech Republic
However, the process should also include the verification on the availability of the company’s trading name, which has to be unique on the Czech territory. The action is performed at the Ministry of Justice
Any company operating in Czech Republic is required to have a corporate bank account, opened on behalf of the legal entity. Investors have to deposit the minimum share capital, which depends on the business form chosen for incorporation and our team of agents in company registration in Czech Republic can offer advice in this sense. 
Also, it is legally binding to register for taxation purposes, which includes the registration for value added tax, social contributions or health insurance.

Permits for construction companies in Czech Republic

The company registration in Czech Republic is also comprised of other relevant steps, one of them referring to obtaining special permits and licenses, which will grant the right to perform such activities. 
Depending on the purpose of the construction, the location in which it will be situated and its size, the investors may need to obtain different types of permits. For example, buildings that are located on the land plots of private individuals (such as families) and which have a size of up to 25 square meters will not need to obtain a planning permit or a building permit
We invite businessmen to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Czech Republic for in-depth information on the categories of constructions that will require designated permits. 

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