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Payroll in Czech Republic

Updated on Wednesday 03rd May 2023

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Payroll in Czech Republic
Company owners interested in payroll in Czech Republic can contact our specialists and discover the services that interest them. It is indicated to outsource such services at the time of company formation in the Czech Republic, due to the benefits offered, including affordable costs. In this article, you can find out some information about the Czech Republic payroll services as well as about the minimum salary offered to employees.

What are Czech Republic payroll services and how you can benefit from them

HR and payroll services in Czech Republic involve a series of procedures and formalities related to the calculation and distribution of salaries in a company. Let's review some important aspects:
  1. A payroll specialist has important duties regarding the calculation of salaries for a company. He/she can use dedicated platforms and programs, with the help of which salaries can be calculated correctly.
  2. Taxation laws and payments related to each individual salary will be taken into account. Social contributions are paid by both the employee and the employer, in different percentages.
  3. The payroll specialist in Czech Republic also deals with the preparation of payslips, the documents that contain information about employees' incomes.
  4. It follows that the financial-accounting department, together with the manager of the respective company, checks the payroll documents before paying the employees.
  5. Once the documents are signed, the salaries are delivered to the bank accounts of the company's employees. We can help you with the payroll in Czech Republic.
Outsourcing Czech Republic payroll services is recommended for companies with activities in this country, regardless of the number of registered employees. We invite you to talk to our accountants in Czech Republic if you want comprehensive information about payroll in Czech Republic. Also, if you want to open a company in Czech Republic, we can take care of the formalities.

Czech Republic payroll services for your business

In addition to calculating and distributing salaries in the company, a specialist can also take care of other business-related aspects, as follows:
  • Financial reports and filings related to payroll.
  • Electronic payslip planning.
  • Preparation of withholding tax returns and income tax of the employer.
  • Year-end closure of annual income for company employees.
  • Registration of new employees and termination filings of leavers.
  • Statistical reports implying company employees, if requested by the local authorities.
We advise you to talk to us about payroll in the Czech Republic if you want to benefit from such services for the company you own.

Minimum wage in the Czech Republic

Here is some information about the minimum wage in Czech Republic:
  • CZK 17,300 is the minimum wage in Czech Republic, i.e. around EUR 735 per month.
  • Considering the minimum wage above, the working hour in Czech Republic is paid with CZK 103.8, which is approximately EUR 4,40.
  • Those who work as professionals in specialized work have a minimum salary of CZK 24,100 (about EUR 1,024).
Czech Republic payroll services are at your disposal if you want to establish a company in this country and you want to develop your business under optimal conditions. Payroll in Czech Republic can be explained in detail.

Working with our accountants in the Czech Republic

If you are interested in Czech company incorporation, we advise you to consider payroll in Czech Republic, respectively the outsourcing of this type of service. Specialists in Czech Republic payroll services know both the legislation and the work systems, necessary for calculating and distributing salaries in the company, according to internal regulations and procedures.
We suggest you contact our Czech company formation specialists and ask for payroll and related details.

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