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Selling Tobacco in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Selling-Tobacco-in-Czech-Republic.jpgInvestors with business activities in the field of tobacco commerce should be familiar with the applicable legislation in this domain. Those who want to set up a company producing or selling tobacco have to comply with certain rules that regulate the industry. As a general rule, persons buying tobacco in Czech Republic are required to have an age above 18 years old.
It is important to know that smoking or the selling of tobacco are forbidden in schools, theaters, cinemas or sports establishments. It is also forbidden to smoke in bus and trams stations and this rule has been available for a decade, as it was imposed in 2006; our team of Czech company formation specialists can provide a comprehensive presentation on the tobacco market available in Czech Republic


Tobacco legislation in Czech Republic 

Investors who want to set up business in the tobacco industry in Czech Republic are advised to study the legislation regulating the consumption of tobacco. It is important to know that the Czech government approved in July 2015 a draft which imposes new rules for the tobacco and alcohol industry. The Act stipulates that smoking will be banned in all public indoors facilities, no exceptions accepted. 
The ban refers not only to traditional smoking, but also to the use of electronic cigarettes in indoor places; our team of Czech company incorporation consultants can provide more details on the new Act. 

Sale of tobacco, according to the new Act

An important aspect of the new law stipulates the ban of tobacco sale in the following establishments: 
healthcare facilities;
school facilities;
other facilities in which children may be present.
The sale of tobacco is allowed to be performed through vending machines only if the seller can impose a measure that will guarantee that the buyer is above 18 years old. The same rule is applicable in the case of on-line sales; tobacco industry is taxed with a consumption tax, which represents the excise tax applicable to several products. 
If you need further information on the tobacco industry in Czech Republic, please address to our team of company incorporation agent for assistance. 

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