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Set up a Czech Trust

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Set-up-a-Czech-Trust.pngThe legislation related to the Czech trust (also referred to as a trust fund) was modified in January 2014, when the Civil Code was amended to include in the national legislation new provisions related to the incorporation of a trust. Investors interested in opening a company in Czech Republic as a trust must know that this business form was not available for registration prior to the modification of the national legislation, but at the moment, the country is one of the few jurisdictions located in the continental Europe in which investors may incorporate this vehicle. Our team of company formation agents in Czech Republic can offer in-depth assistance on the main requirements for registering a trust fund

Main parties of a Czech trust 

According to the legislation applicable in Czech Republic, a trust is a vehicle through which its founder (who has the quality of a settlor) transfers a part of his or her property to be administered by another party. 
Investors who want to start the legal procedure of company formation in Czech Republic as a trust will need to sign an agreement, which will represent the main statutory document of the respective entity. It is also important to know that a trust does not have a legal personality and that it can be employed  for public or private purposes. At the same time, the trust can be incorporated by legal entities and our team of company formation representatives in Czech Republic can offer in-depth assistance on the registration aspects.  
The main parties entering a Czech trust are the following:
the founder  -  the person who started the trust;
the trustee - the person  who has received the right to manage the trust’s assets;
the beneficiary -the person or persons who will benefit from the trust

Purpose of the trust in Czech Republic  

A trust in Czech Republic may be registered for specific purposes. Businessmen who are interested to start the procedure of company registration in Czech Republic for this type of vehicle may set it up for the following types of activities: 
commercial interests (such as investments in Czech Republic);
private interests (created for the benefit of a person);
public interests (the trust may be set up for funding social, medical or sports related events). 
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Czech Republic, who can provide in-depth advice on the main legal stipulations related to the trust fund

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