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Set up a Real Estate Business in the Czech Republic

Updated on Friday 28th September 2018

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Set-up-a-Real-Estate-Business-in-the-Czech-Republic.jpgThe projections for the following decade show that the real estate sector in Czech Republic will grow, due to numerous aspects. One of the reasons is given by the fact that 2016 was considered a baby boom year and another reason is given by the increasing number of immigrants; Prague alone is expected to have an additional number of 150,000 new inhabitants by 2030
Investors believe that the real estate sector could expand in the next years, although the prices for real estate properties are currently increasing, for all the building categories. Businessmen who want to open a company in Czech Republic that will operate as a real estate business can request for advice from our team of specialists in company formation, who can offer assistance regarding the registration of a business performing this activity. 

What types of services do Czech real estate businesses offer?  

Those who are taking into consideration starting the procedure of company formation in Czech Republic for a real estate business will need to define the types of services that they want to offer to the local consumers. A real estate business is usually involved in all the procedures related to buying, selling or renting real estate properties commercial, residential or industrial, but it may also offer the following services
  • assistance regarding the transaction of a real estate property by offering due diligence on the financial and commercial aspects of the property;
  • tax assistance – full advice on all the taxes that are applicable to a real estate property transaction;
  • valuation services – a procedure through which the specialists estimate the correct value of a property;
  • legal services – the real estate business can also offer legal assistance through specialized lawyers

Who can purchase a real estate property in the Czech Republic?  

In the Czech Republic, anyone who has sufficient funds can easily purchase a property, so the owners of a real estate business will not be limited only to the Czech citizens. Foreigners are entitled by the European Union’s legislation to acquire property here: apartments, houses, land regardless of their nationality.
However, they have to obtain a residence permit and our team of specialists in company registration in Czech Republic can offer more details on this matter. It is important to know that foreigners can also apply for a mortgage in the Czech Republic.
The value of the investments concluded in the real estate sector in Czech Republic increased in 2017; for example, in the first half of the year, the real estate projects had a total value of EUR 2.2 billion. Businessmen are invited to address to our team of consultants in company formation in Czech Republic for advice on the registration of a real estate business.  

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