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Setting up a Casino in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 23rd January 2023

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Setting-up-a-Casino-in-Czech-Republic.jpgForeign investors who are interested in setting up a casino in Czech Republic should know the local legislation applicable here. Operators in this field are required to receive licenses to function in accordance with the stipulation of the Czech law. It is important to know that the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union (EU), made several amendments to its law regulating the gambling activities in order to align with the EU’s requirements; our team of Czech company formation specialists can provide assistance to foreign businessmen who want to establish a casino here. 

Casino operators in Czech Republic 

Gambling activities which are carried out in a casino are very popular in the Czech Republic, as the state is considered as one of the most prominent in this sense within the EU. 
At the moment, there are more than 100 casinos established in the Czech Republic and another important aspect is the ratio related to the number of gaming devices and population. The ratio is set out at one machine per 200 persons. 
Licenses required by the gambling operators are issued by the Ministry of Finance. Investors who consider opening a casino here can also establish their businesses without being situated in the Czech Republic. The only rule, available for licensed operators, is to set up an office in the Czech territory; our team of company formation representatives can offer more details on this requirement. 

Czech legislation for casino operators 

When establishing a company with activities related to the gambling industry, the investor should comply with the local legislation, which is comprised on several laws. The activity of casino operators has to respect the provisions of the 285/1998 Decree of Ministry of Finance on monitoring the casino activity. Other sources of law which are applicable in this case refer to the Civil Code, the Penal Code, Act No. 202/1990 and Act No. 61/1996. 
As a general rule, a company operating as a casino can be registered in accordance with the legal procedures applicable to all types of companies established in Czech Republic, regardless of their business field. 
Our accountants in Czech Republic offer a wide range of services to align you with the legislation in this field and respect the formalities and procedures involved. While bookkeeping is necessary for recording all financial operations in the company, payroll serves to calculate and deliver salaries in the company. Tax advice and compliance, debt monitoring, and audits are also at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.
Persons who need further information on the casino legislation applicable in Czech Republic can address to our team of Czech company incorporation agents

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