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Company Formation Czech Republic



Why is Czech Republic an Attractive Country for Investors?

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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The Czech Republic is certainly one of the most developed countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Its success is also seen in what foreign investment is concerned. Many Czech firms (around 173,000) across all fields of business are now operated by means of foreign capital. Some of the sectors in which investment is flourishing are real estate, strategic services, manufacturing, tourism etc. The Czech Republic has many advantages due to which foreign entrepreneurs decide to establish companies on its premises.

Investment incentives in the Czech Republic

The investment incentives in this country were introduced in 1998 and since then they have managed to stimulate a substantial inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) per capita (especially into greenfield projects). In 2012 and 2013, foreign direct investment hit record levels as the United States and the European Union are the main foreign investors in the Czech Republic.
Investors are invited to watch the video below, as it provides more details on this subject: 

Our Czech specialists in company formation can give you further information on investment incentives, as well as assistance in opening a company in the Czech Republic.

Further reasons for investing in the Czech Republic

There are many reasons for choosing the Czech Republic as a location for your business activity. Investing in this country would be a convenient option, if you are to take into account the following aspects:
1. The Czech Republic has one of the most strategic geographical locations in the whole Europe. This makes the country accessible from both Eastern and Western markets.
2. Its excellent infrastructure helps the Czech Republic to be highlighted as an important crossroad of European business corridors. Furthermore, the Czech extensive transport and rail infrastructure are to be further developed as the government has proposed to make more changes. Our company formation agents can offer you additional details about the Czech infrastructure and also about this country's investment advantages.
3. When deciding to incorporate a company in the Czech Republic, you should also consider the fact that the country offers skilled and highly educated workforce. In areas such as science and engineering, the Czech Republic has a high number of students.
4. The low labour costs is another aspect to bear in mind when registering a company in the Czech Republic, as this is an element of great importance in any business activity. Comparing to other European countries (especially with the Western European ones), Czech average labour costs are among the lowest.
You can contact our Czech company registration experts who can provide you with further information about the advantages of investing in the Czech Republic.


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