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Open a Shop in the Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 11th December 2017

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Open-a-Shop-in-the-Czech-Republic.pngA shop in the Czech Republic can be set up for a wide range of business activities, such as selling fast-moving consumer products, clothing items, technology items and numerous others. Depending on the specific activities of the shop, the premises in which the company operates its current activities have to comply with various standards. Investors interested in opening a company in Czech Republic that will require a shop will need to respect the local legislation on safety measures. Our team of company formation agents in Czech Republic can offer assistance on the most common aspects that have to be completed in this sense. 

Building permits for shops in the Czech Republic  

After the procedure of company registration in Czech Republic is completed, the businessmen can open their shops. Depending on the company’s budget and company’s business strategy, the investors may rent an available space suitable for a shop or they can build a new location
Regardless of the manner in which this procedure is handled, it is required to obtain building permits. Such permits are necessary even in the situation in which the respective building is modernized. For example, in the case in which the business location will be rented, the investors may want to change the design to better convey the company’s identity to its customers and to create an environment that is suitable for the products sold by the company
It is important to know that the local authorities have proposed a bill through which the procedure of obtaining a building permit or a planning permission may be shortened, as at the moment the process is rather complicated. Our team of company formation consultants in Czech Republic can offer further information on the main improvements proposed under the bill. 

Choosing a location of the Czech shop  

Persons who are interested in company formation in Czech Republic should also take into consideration the location in which they will sell their products on the local market. It is recommended to establish a shop in a commercial area of a city, where the influx of possible clients is higher. 
Our team of company formation specialists in Czech Republic can offer further recommendations on how to start a shop here. Please contact our representatives for more details.  

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